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Preparation is priority number one when you?re serving in the field. Everything must be dialed-in for ultimate success, from your footwear to your firearms. To mitigate the stress of a long day on your feet, utilize quality weapon slings to distribute carrying weight. Ideal not only for fighting fatigue, these capable accessories are among the best ways to keep your weapon within quick reach for when you need it most. We?re pleased to offer a complete selection of gun slings produced by some of the most renowned names in tactical manufacturing. You?ll find not just slings for your weapon, but swivel locks, adapters, and mounting accessories as well, ensuring a custom configuration for maximum effectiveness. When the name of the game is readiness, you can be confident you?ll always be prepared to compete at the highest level when you?re properly equipped. Your job is as tough as they come, so make sure your tools are as well. For durable, reliable performance and assured preparedness when you?re serving down range, gear up with high-quality weapon slings. They?ll take the edge off during a long trek, free up your hands when you need them, and ensure that you?re always ready for action.

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  • Magpul MS4™ Dual QD Sling Gen2

  • 5ive Star Gear GI Spec LC-II Shoulder Straps

  • Condor Cobra One Single Point Bungee Sling

    $31.95 - $39.95
  • Magpul QD Sling Swivel

  • Blackhawk Universal Tactical 2 Point Sling

  • Blackhawk Tactical Pistol Lanyard Single Swivel

  • MagPul MS3® Multi-Mission Sling GEN2

  • Condor CBT Bungee Sling

    $34.95 - $41.95
  • Condor Tactical 3 Point Sling

  • 5.11 Tactical VTAC® 2 Point Padded Sling

  • Blackhawk Universal Single-Point Sling Adapter

  • Condor Adder Dual Bungee One Point Sling

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