Hoppes .22 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush, , hi-res



Hoppes .22 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush

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Keep your equipment clean and ready for action with a Hoppes .22 caliber phosphor bronze brush. This product is specifically made to accommodate .22 caliber guns, and as such possesses certain features. Also, as a Hoppes product it is well crafted and designed to be functional yet low maintenance. These and other qualities make this brush an excellent choice for your cleaning needs. The brush is compact yet durable and is built to last. The stout bristles make cleaning a breeze. The tight looped pattern also helps to enhance its cleaning abilities. The bristles themselves are soft as not to scratch the barrel, yet they are strong enough to trap and remove dirt and other particles. Its gentle qualities help to ensure the lifespan and functionality of your gun, yet does not compromise the effectiveness of its cleaning capabilities. This unique combination sets this brush apart from others and makes it a superior option.

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  • Gun cleaning brush
  • Especially made for use on .22 caliber devices
  • Stout, looped bristles provide great cleaning action
  • Gentle on barrel yet effective
  • Washable for easy maintenance

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