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Hoppes .270 Caliber Nylon Brush

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You want to maintain your gun in the best possible shape at all times. In that vein, having the right supplies is very important. The Hoppes .270 caliber nylon brush is the perfect option for most cleaning jobs. Its particular design and construction make it a great option that you will be able to enjoy for quite a while. Also, being that it is a part of the Hoppes brand you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality, functional product. This brush is unique by design. It is constructed of nylon, which makes it very strong and resistant to breaking, yet it is still easy to maneuver, which is beneficial in the cleaning process. Its special crafting and material help to ensure that the bristles return to their original shape so that the brush remains functional. Also, the looped bristles provide multi-directional scrubbing action. All of the aforementioned traits work together to make this brush a great, durable option for your cleaning needs.

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  • Gun cleaning brush
  • Suitable for cleaning a .270 caliber as well as other devices
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Multi-directional scrubbing
  • Easily returns to original shape

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