Hoppes All Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Rod Kit

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The Hoppes all gauge shotgun cleaning rod kit helps to provide an exceptional cleaning experience. It is versatile to accommodate all gauge types yet does not compromise in the quality that the Hoppes brand is known for. Its different parts work together to provide an excellent addition to your gun cleaning supplies. The kit includes a swiveling handle and a three-piece knob and slotted ends. Though it may not sound like much these items play an essential part completing a proper cleanse of your weapon. The swiveling handle is on a ball bearing which enhances its ability to easily maneuver through the bore and turn when necessary. This helps to extend its reach and cleaning capacity in comparison to strait handles. The three knob and slotted ends options make the kit versatile and able to accommodate all types of gauges and are constructed of quality materials that are built to last. These products combined make for an excellent cleaning system.

  • Shotgun cleaning kit
  • Ball bearing swivel handle
  • 3 knob and slotted ends
  • Provides maximum maneuverability
  • Durable pieces are built to last

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