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There is so much gear that you need when you are out in the field, that it's easy to lose track of the little things. But some of those little things can be quite essential when the moment comes. Among the many things we offer are field hygiene products, items that you might forget but are certain to come in handy. These are things that you can use to make sure that your stuff stays sanitary and therefore making you less likely to get sick. There are tons of items that help with hygiene. Granted, if you're on active duty, you're probably more worried about gunfire than microbes. However, it pays to realize that throughout history, disease has killed a greater percentage of soldiers in many wars than enemy fire has. Sure, you'll end up in some unsanitary places where these things may seem like the least of your problems. Nonetheless, every bit helps and you can use these items to help you stay healthier while on the job.

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