Infrared MEDIC Patch with Hook

Item# UX588 BKTNMfg# CID-FLAG-00319


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This IR.Tools Medic Patch with Hook provides military medics with the crucial identification they need during deployed ops without sacrificing stealth. If this describes you, you can attach this vital patch to your operational dress via the hook backing and operate with confidence knowing it will stay put.

This IR Medic Patch is perhaps one of the most important IR patches in our entire inventory as it allows medics to perform their lifesaving duties while holding their positions. So whether you are administering first aid to the injured while advancing or operating out of a FOB, this IR patch will give you the low-profile you need to do your job.

Plus, for desert ops or exercises, this NIR medic patch resists damage from sand and abrasion and holds its illumination capabilities over the long haul.

  • Infrared medic patch for holding your position without high visibility
  • Patch comes with hook backing for easy attachment to operational dress
  • Night ops-enabled as NIR insignia is not visible to the naked eye at night except by those wearing night vision devices, so it helps maintain stealth
  • When illuminated the patch is minimally reflective to available visible light, which increases covert operability
  • Engineered to hold its lamination over time and not lose its brightness for long-haul durability and dependability
  • Made with IR Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • Made in the USA

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