IR Tools Infrared Field SF Patch

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This IR.Tools SF Patch (Spice Brown) Special Forces members maintain their stealth during critical night operations in desert theaters especially. This sand- and abrasion-resistant IR patch is designed exclusively for SF personnel who want as little attention drawn to them as possible. That is why the NIR insignia on this patch is only visible at night by those wearing NV devices, so it remains virtually undetectable by the naked eye.

Plus, even when this IR SF patch is illuminated, it remains minimally reflective to visible light, which adds to your covert maneuverability.

Altogether, this SF IR patch is an outstanding piece of gear for truly remarkable Special Forces members who deserve nothing but the best to keep them operable and safe at the same time.

  • Infrared SF Patch for Special Forces personnel
  • Made with IR.Tools proprietary SandStorm Technology, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • Patch comes with hook backing to stay securely fastened to operational clothing
  • NIR insignia is not detectable to the naked eye during night ops, but it is visible by personnel wearing NBG or other NV devices when illuminated
  • Casts minimal reflection of visible light to maintain covert maneuverability
  • Will not delaminate or lose its illumination over time
  • Made in the USA

    Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the SF Patch with Hook (Spice Brown):

    Make sure to have the right identification and be compliant with all regulations. It's always good to have an extra in case the patch comes off in the laundry or in the field.

    Order your SF Patch so that you always are in uniform.

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