IR.Tools Infrared TACP Patch with Hook

Item# UX1004 BKTNMfg# CID-FLAG-00307


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This IR.Tools TACP Patch with Hook has been engineered for Tactical Air Control Party operators who deliver valuable airspace deconfliction and terminal control of close air support. For that reason alone, it is crucial that these members maintain their position at all times without tipping off the enemy. Wearing a patch like this, which cannot be seen by the naked eye at night except without NVG, is crucial to maintaining their stealth.

This IR TACP patch can be effortlessly attached to your operational dress by attaching the hook backing that locks it down and keeps it in place. Plus, in terms of covert operability, the NIR insignia has been specially manufactured to be minimally reflective when it is seen by visible light sources. This helps operators operate while staying low vis.

Finally, this TACP IR patch is ideal for desert ops as it is built using SandStorm Technology, which considerably lessens potential damage from sand and abrasion. Plus, the patch is designed not to delaminate over time or lose its brightness.

  • Infrared TACP Patch with Hook for Tactical Air Control Party members needing trade-specific, low vis identification
  • Patch attaches via a secure hook backing
  • NIR insignia is virtually invisible to the naked eye at night and can only be seen via NVG or other NV devices for superb stealth
  • Insignia is also visible to NV devices when illuminated and is nominally reflective to any source of visible light for concealed operability
  • Manufactured to stay laminated over the long haul and not lose its brightness either
  • Made with IR Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • Made in the USA

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