IR.Tools Infrared United Kingdom Flag Patch with Hook

Item# UX614 BKTNMfg# CID-FLAG-00349


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This IR.Tools United Kingdom Flag Patch with Hook is the ideal IR patch for UK forces engaging in covert ops where stealth maneuverability is job one. Allied forces from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada wear this nation-specific IR patch to maintain their stealth while still offering some degree of nighttime illumination in situ.

If desert ops is on the horizon, this UK IR flag patch has built-in to minimize damage from the sand and related abrasion. Plus, the patch will provide you with minimal reflection while still being visible to those wearing Night Vision Goggles of other NV devices.

All in all, this UK NIR flag patch is the ideal piece of highly tactical gear despite its minimalist profile.

  • UK IR Patch comes with hook backing for secure fastening
  • The naked eye cannot see NIR insignia during night ops however it can be seen by other operators wearing NV devices when illuminated
  • Patch is minimally reflective to observable light for covert operability
  • Maintains its lamination and retains brightness over time for long-lasting wear and tear
  • Made with IR.Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • Made in the USA

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