IR TOOLS Insignia IR US Army American Flag GrnBlk Reverse

Item# UX042 GNBKMfg# CID-FLAG-00005


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The modern battlefield often calls for night operations and the accompanying advanced technology with night-vision, infrared, and thermal sights. This patch features reverse American Flag with IR-visible micro prismatic reflective film. Show your colors and keep safe both at the range and down range with the IR Tools Reverse American Flag IR Patch.

Each patch uses IR TOOLS identification technology to combine a variation of IR, Thermal, and Photo-luminescent varieties into a single patch. The goal of any IR identification is first and foremost safety: whether you're working a covert operation or hunting in the early dawn or late at night. Durable hook backing and a standard 2" x 3.5" size is compatible with nearly any loop placard.

  • Features a reverse American Flag with IR-visible micro prismatic reflective film
  • Unique IR fusion technology incorporates infrared imaging technology into a traditional moral patch
  • Mitigate hunting or range accidents while using IR sights
  • Durable hook backing
  • Standard 2" x 3.5" size compatible with uniforms, insignia caps, and other loop panels

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