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Mace Pocket Model Peppergard Spray

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When it comes to your personal safety, even small measures can increase your confidence in your ability to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected attack. The Mace pocket model peppergard spray is conveniently small and easy to use. Its size is just right for bringing along in a purse, backpack, or even your pocket. This pocket model peppergard spray has a key chain attached so the spray can be brought along with your keys. The mace spray, which is formulated from Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), is effective upon contact or inhalation. It causes eyes to close, intense coughing, and extreme discomfort to the eyes and respiratory system. Because it is so potent, one should to be mindful of safety features in order to prevent unintentionally harming themself. The flip-top safety cap helps to prevent accidental discharge of the spray, while the finger grips indicate the directionality of the spray and provide a stable hold for the spray.

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  • 10% OC Pepper
  • Invisible marking dye to aid police in identifying attackers
  • Approximate shelf-life is 4 years
  • Range of 8 to 12 feet
  • Red exterior

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