Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit

Item# SA391



The Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit is engineered for shooters looking to enhance their weapon control and ensure operational safety. This four-piece kit is a versatile addition to any tactical or shooting enthusiast's arsenal, designed to offer a lightweight and low-profile index point for improved handling. It provides an optimal grip for weapon control and acts as a forward stop to prevent the shooter's hand from inadvertently reaching the hot front sight assembly or muzzle. The kit comprises one Hand Stop, one Index Panel, one full XTM Enhanced Panel, and one XTM Enhanced Half Panel, each component playing a crucial role in augmenting your weapon's usability and safety. Whether for tactical operations, training, or competitive shooting, the XTM Hand Stop Kit is indispensable for advanced firearm manipulation and control.

  • TSP Texture Enhances Weapon Control with a Tactical Surface Pattern
  • Lightweight and Low-Profile
  • Forward Stop Prevents the Hand from Reaching the Muzzle, Enhancing Safety
  • Includes One Hand Stop, One Index Panel, One full XTM Enhanced Panel, and One XTM Enhanced Half Panel
  • Quick and Straightforward Attachment to Rail Systems
  • Made from High-Strength Polymer for Enduring Reliability
  • Optimized Shooter's Grip and Weapon Handling
  • Adaptable Design Fits a Wide Range of Rifles
  • Prevents Accidental Contact with Hot Weapon Parts
  • Provides a Significant Control Upgrade for Tactical Shooting Scenarios

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