Readyman Lock Blocker - Access Denial Card


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What do you do if you discover your keys have been stolen or copied and you need to restrict access to a lock temporarily? Normally, the only answer is to change the lock, wasting time and money on something that might only need to be a temporary solution. Enter the Readyman Lock Blocker, a convenient wallet card that contains 8 sets of access denial hooks with an accompanying shim to remove the hook. The access denial card keeps these tools readily available in a wallet or as part of an emergency kit.

To use the READYMAN Lock Blocker, insert the hook into the lock with the hook facing towards the pins and tumblers (whichever side the key's teeth go). All done! Although far from impenetrable, the lock is now incapable of being used through a usual key until the hook is removed. To remove the hook, the shim pushes the hook upward and allows you to remove both tools from the lock. As a disclaimer, these tools can damage the locks if not used properly. It is meant to temporarily restrict or impair access of someone using a traditional key.

  • 8 Sets of hook and accompanying shim
  • Constructed out of durable stainless-steel, won't break inside lock if used correctly
  • Hooks temporarily restrict access to traditional locks, denying usage of key
  • Specially designed shims allow for easy removal of hooks
  • Contained within a slim card for every day carry in wallet or purse
  • Built for emergency and temporary use, not intended for use against professional thieves or lock pickers!

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