Readyman Tinder Scraper Card

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Maintaining a fire means survival when out in the wilderness and always has since our earliest ancestors. Tinder is the foundation of any fire , and the Readyman’s fire starting tool helps acquire this crucial first step to a fire when tools are limited. Pick it up as a gift for the outdoorsman in your family or, if you are that outdoorsman, add it to your standard outdoor or emergency kit!

On one edge of the Tinder Scraper Card is a small hand saw which, while useful in any number of situations, helps secure dry wood to start a fire with. But the premier use of the tool is the sharp metal grates that cover the surface of the tinder scraper. The stainless-steel edges shred through wood and yield valuable and flammable tinder, which can then be lit using any method you choose.

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  • Credit Card Sized – 2” x 3.5”
  • Stainless steel scraper shears dry wood for fire-starting material
  • Lightweight, no excuse to not bring with you!

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