Rothco Commando Wire Saw with Nylon Hand Straps

Item# SV1209Mfg# 8313


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When you think of a saw, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You probably imagine a traditional-looking saw or perhaps a chainsaw, but the Rothco Commando Wire Saw with Nylon Hand Straps is also an effective way to cut through certain materials. Whether you are trying to cut through plastic, wood or bone, this wire saw can handle any job. The nylon hand straps fit comfortably over your hands so that you do not have to worry about cutting or straining your fingers. No matter where you look, this is the strongest wire saw around, and the wire itself is 22 inches. It provides a 48 kilo breaking strain, so you can cut through a number of items with ease.

When it comes to providing top quality gear to customers, Rothco is one of the best around. In addition to producing gear for various military units, Rothco products are also used by tactical operations, public safety organizations and camping enthusiasts. With so many unique and effective items, it is no wonder why so many people trust the Rothco brand.

  • Strong wire saw
  • Wrist straps provide comfort
  • 48 kilo breaking strain
  • Able to cut through plastic, wood and bone

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