Rothco G.I. Type Sun Wind And Dust Goggles

Item# EW059

Keeping your eyes protected against the elements and loose debris is important to maintaining focus in the field. These Rothco G.I. Type sun, wind and dust goggles were created for this very purpose, with color configurations available to suit your uniform or chosen everyday application. Packaged with both plain translucent and grey tinted lenses, the Sun, Wind and Dust Goggles empower you with the choice of light filtering. Don the clear style when you want full transmittance, or switch to grey for bright-light environments where diffusion is desired. These goggles are designed to fit snugly and comfortably to your face, locking out sand, dust, and elements which serve to impede your vision.

  • Protects against wind, sunlight, and blowing sand or dust
  • Ideal for field use or for everyday eye protection while landscaping and working outdoors
  • Goggles include grey and clear lenses, allowing you to choose how much light is filtered
  • Boasts ISO 9001 certification for quality you can trust
  • Available in various colors to suit your uniform

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