Rothco Lensatic Compass

Item# MP1049 WDLMfg# 400


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The Rothco camouflage lensatic compass is an incredible addition to any outdoor readiness pack. This engineer-style, liquid-filled directional compass has many features which make it ideal for anyone on an outdoor adventure, including those in the military. The attractive camouflage exterior keeps your compass concealed while on a military mission or while hunting, allowing you to move unseen. The glow in the dark dial allows you to use your compass even in the dead of night. There is also an easy-to-use magnifying viewer for additional clarity. If you are in the military, this compass is a great way to lead yourself and others when GPS or maps fail you. If you are a civilian, it can help you get anywhere without the aid of technology. Compasses never need batteries or break down on you, so having one on hand is a great way to help ensure you'll be able to make it to where you need to go.

  • Lightweight plastic exterior
  • D-ring great for attaching to pack or uniform
  • Comes with how to use instructions
  • Signal mirror included
  • Sighting hairline
  • Compact and easily carried

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