Rothco Solid Color Shemagh

Item# HD158 COYMfg# 8637-C


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With dozens of potential uses, the Rothco Solid Color Shemagh is a vital piece of equipment for military, survivalists, and civilians. Worn traditionally in desert environments to protect the head and neck from sun and sand; the Shemagh can also be used as a scarf for warmth, tied into a bag to carry supplies, used in first aid, ect. Made from 100% cotton, the Shemagh breathes well and evaporates sweat and moisture keeping you cool and dry yet can insulate keeping you warm when worn under other clothing.

With the number of potential uses limited only by your imagination and this great price, why not have more than one? Shop now and stock up!

  • 42" x 42" approx.
  • 100% cotton
  • Traditionally protects head and neck from sun and sand
  • Dozens of potential uses

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