Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit

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Maintain the optimum performance of your rifles with the Wheeler Compact Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit - built for .22 and .30 caliber devices. Packaged in a semi-rigid, zippered carry case that perfectly fits in an AR magazine pouch, this kit embodies convenience and efficiency. It has a collapsible cleaning rod featuring a rotating T-handle and various other cleaning tools, such as a multifunction bolt scraper tool, cleaning pick, and nylon brush. Also included are an AR chamber brush, three-star chamber cleaning pads, patches for either .22 or .30 caliber, nylon brushes, and jags for the same calibers to keep your rifles in top condition. Whether cleaning at the range, traveling, or at home, this compact kit makes rifle maintenance hassle-free and accessible.

  • Semi-Rigid Carry Case
  • Fits into an AR Magazine Pouch
  • Usable for .22 or .30 Caliber Rifles
  • Collapsible Cleaning Rod with Rotating T-Handle
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod
  • Multifunction Bolt Scraper Tool, Cleaning Pick, Nylon Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Star Chamber Cleaning Pads
  • AR Chamber Brush
  • Patches for .22 or .30 Cal
  • Nylon Brushes for .22 or .30 Cal
  • Jags for .22 or .30 Cal

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