Wiley X Aries NAVAIR TAA Flight Gloves

Item# GL1213WW



Designed for the exceptional needs of military personnel, the Wiley X Aries NAVAIR TAA Flight Gloves deliver unmatched protection and outstanding performance. These gloves offer unparalleled flame resistance and cut protection and are made with a robust Nomex/Kevlar weave throughout the fingers and back of the hand. The high-wear areas are reinforced with sheepskin leather, treated for flame resistance, enhancing durability, and providing an impressive tactile advantage. The thumb, index, and middle fingertips have been removed for amplified dexterity and heightened identification sensitivity. Made to last 4-6 times longer than conventional flyer gloves, the Wiley X Aries Flight Gloves uphold NAVAIR approval. They are custom-designed to complement military uniforms.

  • Built with flame-resistant Nomex/Kevlar weave
  • Flame-resistant treated sheepskin for high dexterity
  • Leather reinforcement in high-wear areas
  • Adjustable cuff for a personalized fit
  • Removed fingertips for better dexterity
  • Designed to complement military uniforms
  • NAVAIR Approved and proven durability, outlasting other flyer gloves 4-6 times.

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