5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical MiniRam

Item #: 50091-999-1SZ

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The 5.11 Tactical MiniRam is a compact, high-impact collision tool for military or law enforcement personnel who need quick, brute-force entry during high intensity missions; this 2-in1 tool works as a traditional ram for bashing in doors and as a striking tool to be used in conjunction with the MultiBreacher.

Special ops personnel and stealth tactical operators only get one change to get it right and 5.11 Tactical knows exactly what that means when it comes to door crashing; it means you need maximum impact for maximum effect.

The 5.11 Tactical MiniRam has everything you need, including an ergonomic design that allows you to strike from the shoulder for maximum force. Despite its rather compact size, the MiniRam is a solid piece of high-impact kit, designed to help you gain quick entry to any scene. Its domed head enables complete force transmission regardless of the angle of attack while safety knuckle guards and non-slip grips minimize the risk of injury.

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  • This compact, high-impact collision tool is the perfect addition to your kit bag, whether you’re military or law enforcement special forces
  • Designed specifically for quick, brute-force entry, the MiniRam is the right tool for the right job
  • A domed head is responsive enough to allow for a complete transmission of force regardless of attack angle
  • Risk of injury or mishandling is minimized by integrated knuckle guards and non-slip grips

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