Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Kit #3

Item #: DE-EK3
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The Blackhawk Dynamic Entry Tactical Entry Kit #3 features a number of instruments that are valuable to law enforcement officers. It comes with the Monoshock Ram, one of the highest quality rams available. It has an exceptional design that provides maximum force even though it is a lighter tool. This kit also comes with the Mobile Home Breacher, and using a minimal amount of force, you can quickly and safety enter through the doors on a mobile home during any number of tactical operations. The Tactical Backpack Kit is rapidly becoming the go-to tool for most home breaching operations since it features a number of useful devices that can get the job done.

The Blackhawk dynamic entry tactical entry kit #3 comes with so much more, including the Break-N-Rake, which was explicitly designed to help you enter through windows. For added strength, the Breacher features a stainless steel wedge that has been heat-treated. For your protection, shards of glass cannot be absorbed. The handles cannot conduct electricity that is 100,000 volts AC or lower.

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  • The Breacher
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Tactical Backpack Kit
  • Break-N-Rake
  • Thundersledge
  • Monoshock Ram
  • Mobile Home Breacher

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