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While we do like to give our online and in-store users the opportunity to have specific promotions catered to their experience, we are proud to offer joint promotional offers. Take a look below at some of the opportunities we're offering members of our discount program AND new users, regardless if you're walking through the door of one of our stores or shopping at home on the couch.



A Limited Time Promotion • Valid Online and In-Store • JAN 14 - FEB 15

Tiered Discounts at

Time to pick up all that gear you're going to need for the year ahead. For a limited time, the more you spend - the more you save online and in-store. Spend $75 and receive 10% off your purchase. Spend $150 and receive 15% off your purchase. Spend $200 and receive 20% off your purchase.

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A Limited Time Promotion • Valid In-Store • FEB 4, 11, 18, 25

Try Your Luck In-Store at your local U.S. Patriot

Pick up the dice and court lady luck! Roll the dice and receive 5, 10, 15, maybe even 20% off your in-store purchase!

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A Limited Time Promotion • Valid Online Only • JAN 14 - FEB 15


After stuffing yourself full of holiday sweets, there's really only one logical answer to help you achieve those weight-loss goals for the new year: MREs. These bad boys are packed, stacked, and ready to ship to you. They're so eager for you to dive in, they're even going to bring a buddy with your purchase. Buy one MRE, get one for FREE!

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You Tryna Fleece Us?

A Limited Time Promotion • Valid Online Only • JAN 14 - FEB 15

$49 Sale on ECWCS Fleece at

It's cold y'all. Real cold. The south might get snow? What's that about? Don't succumb to the elements. Warm your core with ECWCS Gen III Level 3 Fleece Jacket in Coyote at... this can't be right... Just $49? Man, maybe you guys are fleecing us.

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A Limited Time Promotion • Valid Online Only • JAN 14 - FEB 15

Oakley Elite Assault Boots for just $139 at

Time to throw out those ratty, tired boots from yesteryear. No better way to kick down the door of 2022 than by picking up a pair of the extremely rugged, yet lightweight, Oakley Elite Assault Boots. Pick up these leg tanks for just $139.99! BE ELITE. B-E ELITE.

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Rocky C4T on sale exclusively at

If you didn't jump on the hype train of this Rocky Revival in 2021, then it's time to be a better you. Pick up the legends on sale for just $129 for a limited time. Remember, you can't get these bad boys anywhere else. The Rocky C4T Coyote boots that are both AR and AFI compliant are exclusive to U.S. Patriot

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A Limited Time Promotion • Valid Online Only • JAN 14 - FEB 15

Get Your Accoutrements sewn on for free at

After you pick up your fresh kicks for the year, it's time to look at that uniform and face some hard truths. It's seen some stuff. It's been there with you through thick and thin. But now it's mostly just thin... and holy. Time for a refresh on those OCPs. For a limited time, customize your OCP with MyUniform Builder and get your sewing and patches half off.

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Featured Footwear at - This month is the Belleville AMRAP

Featured Gear at - Agilite: Born in the toughest place on earth

Featured Footwear Featured Gear

Squared Away Apparel at - Patriotic Message Apparel

The Rocky C4T Coyote Boot - Exclusively at

Featured Apparel U.S. Patriot Exclusive
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