Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Tactical Rifle Case

Item# BG2302

$108.95 to $129.95MSRP: $127.95 to $151.95


Securely store your rifle and accessories with the original Elite Survival Systems Assault Systems Tactical Rifle Case. This military rifle is available in multiple sizes and includes up to six internal mag pouches. 1-inch foam padding throughout and heavy-duty YKK zippers protect your firearm from damage in transit, while a large accessory pocket gives you ample storage space for cleaning kits, weapon mats, and more. With multiple lengths available, this Assault Systems Rifle Case is ideal for use by the U.S. Military. 

  • Available with up to 6x External Mag Pouches
  • Large Accessory Pocket w/ Hook and Loop closure
  • 1" Foam Padding Throughout
  • 2" Padded Shoulder Straps
  • #9 YKK Heavy-duty Zippers
  • Welded D-rings
  • Material: 1000 Denier Nylon Construction
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
    1 H&K 94A3 9mm w/collapsible stock; Sterling Mk vi 9mm Carbine, Thompson w/detachable buttstock 28"
    2 Colt AR15/M16 w/collapsible stock; AR180 w/folded stock; H&K 91A3/93A3/G3A333A3; Steyr AUG w/20" barrel; FN FS2000 33"
    3 Steyr AUG w/16: barrel; Ruger Mini 14 w/fold stock; AK47 w/fold stock; Galil w/fold stock; AKMS w/fold stock; Colt XM177E2 28"
    4 M-1 Carbine, Ruger Carbine 37"
    5 Colt AR15 Lightweight; AK47, MAK90 36"
    6 Colt AR15 Sporter;M16,M16A1,M16A2; Beretta BM62; H&K 91A2/93A2/33A2/G5/G3A3; Ruger Mini 14; Armalite AR180/AR10; Valmet M60/M62; FN FAL Paratrooper; Galil w/extended stock 41"
    7 FN FAL; M14; M1 Garand; Sig PE 7.5 x 55, AMT; Valmet M78 48"
    9 AR15 style rifles with 24" barrels; FN FAL 45"

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