Mil Spec Monkey Molon Labe Morale Patch

Item# UA1576Mfg# PATCH-00013

$6.99 to $9.79


These Mil-Spec Monkey Molon Labe Morale Patch refer to the classic "Fck You" type motto of warriors, NRA supporters and others whose defiance is steadfast. "Come and Take Them" seems to be the accepted interpretation of this motto, which refers directly to ancient Spartan warriors. The term or variations thereof have been used over the years to give the bird to those who would take away our right to fight or bear arms.

Molon Labe morale patches are perfect for members of the military, law enforcement or Special Forces everywhere who defy the enemy every day.

Order this Mil-Spec Monkey Molon Labe patch today. In other words, Come and Take One!

  • Mil-Spec Monkey Molon Labe patch for "Come and Take Them" defiance
  • Grey hook panel sewn on the back makes the patch easy to attach temporarily for special occasions or morale patch Fridays
  • Small in size at 3.25" x 1.125"

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