Mil-Spec Monkey Molon Labe Spartan Morale Patch

Item# UA3232Mfg# MSM20-MUL


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Mil-Spec Monkey Molon Labe Spartan Morale Patch are the ultimate show of force and pride among veteran warriors like you. The image on the patch is that of an ancient Spartan warrior because the motto, Molon Labe, signifies so much more. Passed on for more than two millennia, Molon Labe celebrates the heart of the warrior and the undefeatable spirit of mankind.

If this Molon Labe Spartan morale patch sounds like something you would like to wear on morale patch Fridays, then order one now. Wear it with pride on your uniform, ball cap, backpack or other go bags. You can attach and remove the patch easily via the black hook panel sewn on the back when the fun draws down.

This Spartan morale patch is also great because the motto literally means Come and Get Them", one of the most quoted expressions in military history.

  • Mil-Spec Monkey Full Molon Labe design for all you Spartans out there
  • Motto means Come and Get Them"
  • Celebrates the warrior's heart and the human spirit
  • Black hook panel sewn on the back allows you to put on the patch and remove it as often as you like
  • 3.5" x 2.5
  • Great for Morale Patch Fridays

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