QALO Women's Outdoors Silicone Ring

Item# JW460

The Qalo Women Outdoors Silicone Ring is made from medical grade silicone to ensure comfort throughout your day of wear. With a tensile strength of 85N, the ring is incredibly durable as well. If you are after flexibility during wear, this is the ideal ring for you. It has a 489% elongation measurement to ensure flexibility. To ensure safety while on the job, the ring is also not conductive or porous. Measuring just over half a centimeter wide, this compact ring is designed to not impact your performance. Order the Qalo Women's Ring today!

  • Constructed from medical grade silicone to ensure comfort
  • 85N tensile strength provides unmatched durability
  • ~489% elongation measurement provides flexibility
  • Non-conductive and non-porous materials for safety
  • Dimensions: 55cm wide by .15cm thick

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