Readyman AR-15 Cleaning Card

Item #: RMCARD-AR15
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A day at the range doesn’t end when all the rounds are spent; proper maintenance means making sure the caked-on carbon deposits are removed before stowing your weapon. You could make do with whatever’s on hand and comes with the company orderly room’s ‘cleaning kits’ OR you could make sure you’re always prepared by keeping the Readyman AR-15 Cleaning Card in your wallet.

The card contains four AR-15 cleaning tools that are designed to reach commonly hard-to-clean areas of your rifle: the bolt carrier, the bolt, the star chamber, and the firing pin. Each breaks off from the main card and can be reused or passed around during group range events.

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  • Contains four 301 Stainless Steel cleaning tools
  • Specifically designed to clean hard-to-reach areas of the AR-15 rifle
  • Credit Card Sized – 2” x 3.5.”

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