Readyman Wilderness Survival Card 2.0

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We’ve come a long way from our hunter-gatherer roots; even the most seasoned outdoorsman is largely unprepared to what nature can throw at us compared to back then. Readyman helps tilt the odds back in our favor with the updated version of their original Wilderness Survival Card. Condensed to the size of a credit card, this survival card contains 21 different detachable tools that can help you survive either lost in the wilderness or out-of-contact behind enemy lines.

Constructed of stainless steel, each of the tools are made to help acquire the necessities of life while waiting for rescue: shelter, food, and water. The saw and awl can be used in a variety of ways to fashion a shelter or for creating survival equipment or for starting a fire. Nine fishing hooks, four snare locks, and a foldable trident, and two arrowheads can be used to acquire food while in the wilderness. This value-pack of survival equipment is easy to stow and is designed for the knowledgeable survivor in mind: take the time to practice and learn to use your tools before your life depends on them!

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  • Credit Card Sized to fit in wallet or any survival bag – 2” x 3.5”
  • Constructed with stainless steel for reliability in survival situations
  • 25 Tools built into one convenient carrying card:
  • 9 Fishing hooks for use with impromptu fly rods
  • 4 snare locks to trap small game
  • 2 Arrow heads for small spears or shot from a traditional bow
  • 2 Sewing needles and 1 awl for repairs
  • 1 Saw/Blade for general use
  • 1 Foldable trident for spear-fishing
  • 1 Foldable set of tweezers

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