Rothco Yellow Solar / Handcrank Flashlight With Radio, , hi-res



Rothco Yellow Solar / Handcrank Flashlight With Radio

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The Yellow Solar / Hand crank Flashlight with Radio from Rothco is engineered to use acombination of solar energy and a hand cranking generator known as an AC Dynamo to achieveenough power to operate. The rechargeable nickel cadmium battery can be recharged multipletimes by positioning the solar cell panel in direct sunlight.

Manufactured using a durable plastic housing this flashlight with radio combination is idealfor including in your pack. The dual functioning properties provide you with an adequate lightsource and give you the opportunity to listen to news or weather reports for your location. Orderthe Rothco Solar Hand crank Flashlight with Radio for a convenient two in one product.

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  • Uses 5 white led lights to produce an adequate light source
  • AC Dynamo puts out 6.0v 600ma through the use of the hand crank
  • Hand cranking for 1 minute provides up to 25 minutes of flashlight use
  • Solar cells on handle recharge the NiCad batteries when set in direct sunlight
  • AM/FM radio with antenna operates up to 6 minutes per charge
  • Uses 2 Triple A NiCad 300mah 3.6 volt rechargeable batteries

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