The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 6th Ed.

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As the only domestic publisher that exclusively produces military and federal agency recognized doctrinally based reference books, The Lightning Press brings an authoritative perspective to U.S. Army Operations and Planning. BSS6: The Battle Staff SMARTbook, 6th Ed. is the most recent update to the standard battle operations manual carried on U.S. Army bases across the world.

Author Norman M. Wade, a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army, discusses the U.S. Army's framework for organizing and converting command and control into action. With the expertise only a servicemember can attain, Wade discusses the operational process in depth, with a keen focus on commanding the operational environment (OE) through making and articulating decisions, visualizing and describing operational approach and end state, as well as directing, leading, and assessing battle operations.

    • Material Updates:

    Material Updates:

    • The Operations Process ADP 5-0 (Jul '19)
    • Mission Command ADP 6-0 (Jul '19)
    • FM 3-0 (w/Change 1)
    • Operations (Dec '17)
    • Commander and Staff Organization and Operations FM 6-0 (w/change 2) (Apr '16)
    • Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield ATP 2-01.3 (Mar '19)
    • Fires ADP 3-19 (Jul '19)
    • Targeting ATP 3-60 (May '15)
    • Risk Management ATP 5-19 (w/change 1) (Apr '14)
    • Terms and Military Symbols ADP 1-02 (Aug '19)


    • Author: Norman M. Wade
    • ISBN 10: 1935886819
    • ISBN 13: 978-1-935886-81-5
    • Publisher: The Lightning Press
    • Date: Aug 30th, 2020
    • Edition: 6th
    • Number of Pages: 360

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