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When you are out in the field, you need protection you can count on for your whole body, and your eyes are no exception. Ballistic eyewear ensures that your eyes are kept safe from small fragments and projectiles, things that you can easily come up against while you?re on a mission. They are especially recommended for anyone who is shooting or may potentially be shot at. Tactical glasses like these come in a variety of styles and colors. Many people opt for the sunglasses, giving them maximum protection from the sun?s glare as well. There are other varieties that offer anti-fog capabilities. Which is the best option for you will depend on the situation in which you will be using them. The bottom line is, in order to do your job properly, you need to be able to see well. Your eyes need protecting from the elements and all the extra bits that may come your way. With all the hard work that you have put into your career, you want to do everything you can to make sure that you are able to perform to your maximum capability. Choosing high quality protective eyewear is one thing that can help you do just that.

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  • OAKLEY SI M Frame 3.0 Replacement Lens

    $40.00 - $190.00
  • ESS Rollbar™ Replacement Lens

  • ESS Profile NVG Goggles

    $90.00 - $92.00
  • Oakley Si Ballistic M Frame® 3.0 Hybrid Vented Replacement Lenses

  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® 3.0 Strike Sunglasses

    $136.00 - $156.00
  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® 2.0 Replacement Lenses

  • Oakley Si Helo - Alpha Gasket

  • Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame® Alpha Sunglasses

  • Wiley X Saber Advanced 3 Lens Sunglasses System

  • Oakley SI M Frame HELO Kit

  • Oakley SI Gascan® Multicam® Collection Sunglasses

    $132.00 - $182.00
  • Oakley M Frame Accessory Kit

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