Mil-Spec Monkey Embrace the Suck Patch

Item# UA1587

$6.96 to $6.99


This Mil-Spec Monkey Embrace the Suck Morale Patch wears like a badge of honor for operators like you who truly have sucked it up in theater. Only you and your military brethren know what "the suck" was really like so you deserve every bit of comic relief you can get your hands on.

So wear this embrace the suck morale patch with pride, knowing you sucked it up for your country and defended our American values to your core. Not many people are willing to do that so you have earned the right to wear this patch on Morale Patch Fridays.

Easy to attach, this patch fastens quickly so you can head out the door fast for a day full of camaraderie among those who truly get it.

  • Patch embraces the classic military slang for sucking it up and doing what needs to be done without whining
  • Black hook panel is sewn on the back so you can easily attach and remove the patch
  • 3" x 1.75"

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