Brain Pad

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, and if you're employed in one of the more hazardous occupations, you need to make sure you have adequate protective gear. Apprehending burglars, combating enemy forces, and tracking down terrorists can put you in the path of facial blows, among other dangers. If in the line of duty you're going to hit or get hit, you need to protect your jaw sockets with a Brainpad mouth guard. Human jaw sockets are not designed to take repetitive punches, kicks, and/or strikes. The jaw sockets are only 1/16 of an inch and contain major nerves that can be severely damaged upon impact. Not only that, but the ear bones, blood supply to the skull, and the skull itself are all directly connected to the jaws. If you are a soldier, police officer, or first responder, you need to protect yourself against jaw damage with a Brainpad mouth guard. When you're not working, you can keep your mouth guard in a microbial vented case. Brainpad mouth guards cover and protect your teeth while creating a safety space around the temporal mandibular sockets. These devices also secure and cushion your lower jaw. You don't need to worry about having enough space to clench your teeth, as these guards have been designed with safety and space in mind. You wear your helmet to protect your head and your boots to protect your feet, so don't forget to safeguard your delicate jaw sockets, too.

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