Combat Flip Flops

Working at Combat Flip Flops isn''t a typical job. There''s no corner office. No water cooler. No break room. It''s more of a calling. A duty. A feeling in your soul that drives you to want to do something good. Something you actually care about. Like stopping the cycle of violence and human suffering around the world. We harnessed that compassion to create a new path forward. A way to create jobs, fund women''s education and improve people''s lives.

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  • Combat Flip Flops Floperators

    $34.99 - $39.99
  • Combat Flip Flops Men's SKIDs Slip-Ons

    $41.00 $39.99
  • Combat Flip Flops AK-47 Edition

    $65.00 $49.99
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