TAG Tactical Assault Gear

When you need tactical assault gear, TAG is your go-to. Their high-quality products include cobra belts, assault gear packs, mag pouches, and more. TAG is dedicated to supporting American workers and keeps its production in country with 100% of their products being manufactured in Durham, North Carolina. TAG also has a commitment to giving back and is the worldd to exceed your expectations of what a pen should do and offer a wide array of helpful tools that can assist you when you?re in a bind. When you?re in the military, you never know what kind of life-threatening situation you might find yourself in. To be ready to face the challenges that await around every corner, you have to be prepared. Uzi Pens are each built with a different tool that can save your life such as handcuff keys, pocket knives, glass breaking tools and more. The pen itself proves to be an excellent writing utensil and the ink can be refilled easily. We carry an extensive selection of Uzi Pens that are appropriate for a wide number of situations. No matter which one you decide on, you know that you will be ready for anything that life throws your way.

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