Field operators require confidence in their gear, and weaponry is no exception. Keeping firearms and ammunition in good working order is crucial to personal safety and success in tactical environments. With that knowledge in mind, Tapco creates high-quality accessories and components to service nearly any type of combat firearm, from AKs to ARs, so you can proceed into the field with absolute confidence in your defense capabilities. Originally started as a family mail-order business over two decades ago, Tapco very quickly grew from a small retail operation into a busy enterprise thanks to their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction. By 2005, the company had amassed the industry experience and knowledge necessary to take the next step, blooming into a manufacturer and wholesaler of original products. The quality of Tapco tools led to be their being acquired by the Remington Arms Company in 2012, becoming part of the esteemed Freedom Group Family of Companies. Today, Tapco tools continue to excel in the field. Offering exceptionally-crafted utilities, grips, and other firearm enhancements, they have established themselves as a premier name in the world of military supply. Whether you're looking for visually-improved sights for your rifle, stock wrenches, or even dust covers to keep your backup ammo secure and clear of debris, Tapco has you covered. Don't risk any aspect of performance when it comes to your weapon, make sure you're prepared for any situation.

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  • Tapco 10pk .223 Magazine Dust Covers

  • Tapco AR Handguard Removal Tool

  • Tapco AR 5-Piece Color Front Sight Set

  • Tapco Intrafuse Sling System

  • Tapco AR Stock Wrench

  • Tapco AR Front Sight Tool

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